ImogenChoir Musicians
That's right - we don't just sing!

The Organists

John Whybrow
St James' Organist
Arthur Stamper
St John the Baptist Organist


St James' Organ Scholar 2010-2016, Trumpet Grade VIII (Distinction), Piano Grade VIII (Merit), Organ Grade VIII (Merit), Singing Grade VIII (Merit) Theory Grade V (Merit) 

Joyce Brown
St James' Organ Scholar 2007/8 & 2008/9


St James' Assistant Organist

Piano Grade VIII (Distinction), Organ Grade VIII (Merit), Violin Grade V, Singing Grade V & Theory Grade V. RSCM Cathedral Course (Canterbury) 2010, directed by Katherine Dienes-Williams.


St James' Organ Scholar 2017-2018

Piano Grade VI (Distinction), Violin Grade V (Merit), Organ, Harpsichord, Bass Guitar, Recorder

Neil Yewman plays the organ and has a Distinction in Grade V Theory. David Hopkinson guests for us on the organ from time to time at services.


The Grade Eighters AVEC (A Very Exclusive Club)!!

Steven Lunn
Dr. Amy Hadfield Imogen Stables

Annie Wilkins
Alexandra Eastwood
Keyboard Violin 

Piano, Organ, Singing & Trumpet
Singing Musical Theatre


 Isaac Stables Piano & Organ
Steve Palfreyman Theory

 Isaac Steve P

Other Musicians

Emma Anderson plays Piano Grade V (Merit).  RSCM Voices North 2010-12

Nayana has achieved Piano Grade VII

Nayana 11.1.2015

Frances plays Piano.  RSCM Voices North 2010-12

Alexandra has achieved Singing in Musical Theatre Grade VIII (Distinction) & Violin Grade V.  She also plays the flute.

Dr. Amy Hadfield has achieved Keyboard Grade VIII (Distinction), Clarinet Grade VII & Theory Grade VI

Steven Lunn has achieved Cornet Grade VIII (Distinction) & Theory Grade V 

Imogen Stables has achieved: 

Violin Grade VIII,

Piano Grade VI (Merit),

Singing Grade V,

Clarinet Grade III (Merit)

Theory Grade V (Distinction).  

RSCM Cathedral Courses: 2010 (York), director Kerry Beaumont; 2012 (Salisbury), director Paul Hale, and; 2013 (Chichester), director Simon Lole. 

Secondments to Lugano Cathedral Choir (Switzerland) in Autumn 2012 and 2013, and for the XXXIX International Congress of Pueri Cantores, Paris 2014.

Tobias has achieved:

Piano Grade VII

Singing Grade V

Theory Grade V

Violin Grade IV


Tobias was invited to the RSCM Cathedral Course at Canterbury in 2010, but his voice broke, so couldn't go. Poor Toby!

Secondment to Lugano Cathedral Choir (Switzerland) in for the XXXIX International Congress of Pueri Cantores, Paris 2014.



Thomas has achieved Singing Grade V (Distinction), Theory Grade V (Distinction), Musical Theatre Grade V (Merit), Piano Grade III , Cello Grade III and  RSCM Voices North 2015-2017.

Fleur has achieved Piano Grade II (Distinction), Cornet Grade I (Distinction), Guitar (Grade I Distinction) & Theory Grade I.

LouisaThomas Jan 2016

Fleur Dec 2015

Sarah has achieved Flute Grade III
and Piano Grade I (Merit)

Namitha has achieved Piano Grade II

Sarah Dec 2015



 Caitlin plays recorder


 Caitlin 11.1.2015


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away ........... Gordon Stables passed Grade V on the Pianoforte (they used to call it that then) and in Theory! Don't ask him about his Pianoforte Grade VII exam !