Choir Podcasts
We sometimes record the performances of the choir. You are welcome to download these recordings which are in MP3 format and can be played on a variety of portable music devices, phones and of course your computer.

Clumber Park Church Choral Evensong July 2012
A choral evensong performed on 8th July 2012 at St Mary the Virgin, Clumber Park, by the choirs of St James, Barlborough with St John, Clowne. President and Cantor Reverend Steve Short. Organist John Whybrow. Conducted by Gordon Stables.

Locus Iste (Bruckner) MP3 audio, 2.9MB, 3 min 00 s
The Preces (William Smith) MP3 audio, 1.2MB, 1 min 14 s
Psalm 63 MP3 audio, 3.7MB, 3 min 50 s
O Worship The Lord MP3 audio, 3.0MB, 3 min 7 s
Magnificat (Brewer) MP3 audio, 3.9MB, 4 min 5 s
Nunc Dimittis (Brewer) MP3 audio, 2.7MB, 2 min 48 s
The Responses (William Smith) MP3 audio, 5.5MB, 5 min 46 s
Lord For Thy Tender Mercy's Sake (Farrant) MP3 audio, 1.7MB, 1 min 47 s
Oh Praise Ye The Lord MP3 audio, 2.8MB, 2 min 57 s

Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir Concert July 2011
A concert performed by the CKBC at St James the Greater on 10th July 2011. Organist Ian Bevell. Conducted by Jim Kropf. The choir was joined by the combined choirs of St James,
Barlborough and St John, Clowne to conclude the concert with Parry's "I Was Glad".

Fairest Lord Jesus MP3 audio, 4.91MB, 5 min 22 s
Every time I feel the Spirit MP3 audio, 1.73MB, 1 min 53 s
Gloria in Excelsis Deo MP3 audio, 2.80MB, 3 min 4 s
God so loved the world MP3 audio, 3.08MB, 3 min 22 s
Angels visit when we sing MP3 audio, 3.08MB, 3 min 22 s
Oh how lovely is thy dwelling place O Lord MP3 audio, 1.70MB, 1 min 51 s
Walk in the kingdom MP3 audio, 2.29MB, 2 min 30 s
Make me an instrument of peace MP3 audio, 3.26MB, 3 min 34 s
Love never ends MP3 audio, 2.67MB, 2 min 55 s
Go down Moses MP3 audio, 2.57MB, 2 min 48 s
Put a little love in your heart MP3 audio, 2.37MB, 2 min 35 s
Splish Splash MP3 audio, 2.22MB, 2 min 25 s
e is the rock MP3 audio, 2.43MB, 2 min 39 s
Days of Elijah MP3 audio, 3.25MB, 3 min 33 s
Blessing MP3 audio, 2.52MB, 2 min 45 s
Christ we do all adore thee MP3 audio, 1.20MB, 1 min 18 s
I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me MP3 audio, 5.13MB, 5 min 36 s

Southwell Minster Evensong July 2011
The combined choirs of the Cambridge Kiwanis Boys Choir together with the choirs of St James, Barlborough and St John, Clowne and joined by some of the members of the Choir of St Mary Magdalene, Newark sang for the Evensong service at Southwell Minster on 9th July 2011. Cantor Reverend Steve Short. Organist Ian Bevell. Conducted by Jim Kropf and Gordon Stables.

The Souls of the Righteous (Woolley) MP3 audio, 2.83MB, 3 min 6 s
The Preces (William Byrd) MP3 audio, 1.25MB, 1 min 21 s
Psalm 47 (Boyce) MP3 audio, 2.41MB, 2 min 38 s
Magnificat (Brewer) MP3 audio, 3.20MB, 3 min 29 s
Nunc Dimittis (Brewer) MP3 audio, 2.73 MB, 2 min 54 s
The Responses MP3 audio, 4.9 MB, 5 min 15 s
I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me (Parry) MP3 audio, 5.62 MB, 6 min 8 s
The day thou gavest Lord is ended (Ellerton) MP3 audio, 3.63 MB, 3 min 58 s

Palm Sunday 2011
The "Come & Sing" Choir of St James, Barlborough together with members of the Choir of St Mary Magdalene, Newark. Organist Geoff Gratton. Conducted by Jon Weller. Recorded at St James the Greater, Barlborough.

Part 1
Let All The World In Every Corner Sing MP3 audio, 3.1MB, 3 min 23 s
The Lamb MP3 audio, 2.9MB, 3 min 10 s
Hear My Prayer (Oh for the wings of a dove)
MP3 audio, 11.1MB, 11 min 50 s
Hallelujah Chorus MP3 audio, 4.5MB, 4 min 48 s

Part2 - Olivet to Calvary
When O'er The Steep Of Olivet MP3 audio, 3.2MB, 3 min 30 s
Like A Fair Vision
MP3 audio, 3.6MB, 3 min 50 s
And Jesus Entered Into The Temple MP3 audio, 0.7MB, 0 min 49 s
Another Temple Waits Thee MP3 audio, 5.7MB, 6 min 10 s
Not Of This World The Kingdom Of Our Lord MP3 audio, 1.7MB, 1 min 53 s
'Twas Night On Lonely Olivet MP3 audio, 3.7MB, 4 min 1 s
He Was Despised MP3 audio, 8.6MB, 9 min 12 s
And Jesus Knowing That His Hour Had Come MP3 audio, 3.8MB, 4 min 7 s
Oh Thou Whose Sweet Compassion MP3 audio, 2.6MB, 2 min 51 s
And when They Had Sung a Hymn MP3 audio, 4.2MB, 4 min 31 s
There Came a Great Multitude MP3 audio, 5.6MB, 6 min 1 s
Then Came Jesus MP3 audio, 2.7MB, 2 min 53 s
The Saviour King Goes Forth To Die MP3 audio, 7.4MB, 7 min 56 s
Droop Sacred Head MP3 audio, 4.1MB, 4 min 48 s
Rock Of Ages MP3 audio, 2.9MB, 3 min 9 s